How technology has affected dating, love and marriage relationships

As new technology is introduced and changing, the way of dating, getting married etc has also changed a lot. People nowadays make use of smartphones and different apps available online to find their true love rather than meeting people face to face.  The time saving advantage by online dating has overpower the true essence of love, internet dating over the chat has given the whole notion of dating and love a dehumanising state. People have increasingly started making online relationships instead of making actual relationships.

How technology has affected dating:

  • Game changer: technology has almost changed the way people used to love and keep relationship. Earlier people fall in love after meeting for few times or once but now this trend has changed a lot. People now prefer to know everything about the other person just by a simple click online. There is no excitement left in meeting someone new, because every information about the person is available online and then the person chooses to meet if he likes the online profile. Dating now means going out on a blind date, or having an online Chat and knowing each other, but with technology there has been an end to the blind date game. Technology has taken away the charm of falling in love.

  • Change of choices: Nowadays time is given more importance as compared to relationships. People prefer to date online rather than face to face meeting because it is more time saving and effective. They don’t want to waste time in meeting and knowing about the people, their likes and dislikes. Technology has made our world faster and its people too, people wants to spend less time in looking for love. This is the reason why dating apps has become so popular- just one swipe and you have the next potential match.
  • Made us demanding: We now know that we have multiple choices to choose from and because of that we don’t aim at find a true match or love but our goal has become to find a worthy match, a match with whom we can stay comfortable, and a match who can give us materialistic happiness. Love has taken a backseat in today’s world of technology. Online dating app have made us demanding, we every time seek for new options, satisfaction word has been thrown away by the technology.



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