Looking For A Bitcoin Lottery Online? Check This Out!

Bitcoin Lottery is one of the most effective ways to gamble for Bitcoin. Similar to the traditional lottery, the Bitcoin lottery also needs tickets. You have to choose the numbers that make you feel lucky and wait for the results. But instead of winning real cash, you will a certain amount mostly in Bitcoin form. Many of these bitcoin lotteries are independent. One of them is


A Trusted Bitcoin Lottery Site

Freebitcoin is proven to have fair mechanisms when it comes to their Bitcoin Dice games. They are one of the most trusted names in this industry. Since its inception in 2013, Freebitcoin has over 21 million registered users who have played more than 92 billion games! The site reveals that these players have won a total amount of around 180,000 Bitcoins. This is why Freebitcoin is considered as the lottoland online.

Why Play At Freebitcoin Lottery?

If you want to improve your Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin lottery is one of the ways to do that. It is not only fun and exciting but is also considered as one of the best ways to earn free bitcoin. As mentioned above, Freebitcoin website is one of the reputable names in this industry. Here are the reasons why:

  • Free Roll. This website will let you have free rolls to earn free bitcoins every hour. This way, you can win up to $200 worth of Bitcoins per roll! You can use this freebie and multiply the number by playing the Hi-Lo Dice Games on the website.
  • Manual Bet. At Freebitcoin, you will not be forced to bet a certain amount. You can decide if how much are you willing to bet and when to bet it as well as the numbers to bet on. You are in full control here and you can also take charge of your winnings.
  • Auto Bet. If you do not have specific numbers to bet on, or maybe you do not have the time to decide and pick the numbers, let your browser do it for you. You can just set the parameters as well as the conditions, then you can start to roll!

 If you are a Bitcoin enthusiast, you know that gambling and lottery is one of the very first industries that developed around this cryptocurrency. Since it was the very first digital currency that was ever introduced, it is now considered as one of the most powerful and valuable to invest in. Even though Bitcoin’s value is fluctuating the last year, the number of people trusting the currency is still growing.

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