The online casino enjoys a good reputation

An online casino is like an insurance company. You will only know if you have good insurance when you suffer an incident and the insurer compensates you adequately for the damages. In the same way, you will only know if you play in a good casino when you win a significant amount of money and the casino pays you the winnings without problems. There are many documented cases of online casinos that have cheated their players.


The regulatory body of recognized prestige

All online  Agen bola  casinos operate officially from a country (or territory with special status or jurisdiction). In order to operate an online casino from a specific country, that country must have legislation favorable to online gaming. The licenses can be issued by the states that want to regulate and control the online gambling of their citizens (United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, etc.) or the jurisdictions that want to allow the casinos to operate internationally.

If a casino refuses to pay your winnings, the only option you have is to go to the regulatory body that has issued the casino license. Only at times like this, you will see how important it is to choose a casino according to the authority that issued the license. A regulatory body must be independent and always practice fair play. You must evaluate and study fairly any official claim. In case a casino seriously violates the rules, it could revoke the license.

 The casino refuses to pay the winnings obtained by a player:

  • The casino determines that the prize is a software error and decides that the player has no right to collect it. The casino tries to force the customer to accept compensation equivalent to 10-20% of the original profit.
  • The casino establishes a payment condition that implies continuing to play.
  • The casino imposes an excessively low reimbursement limit to prevent the player from withdrawing large amounts.
  • The casino, for no reason, delays the refunds (for weeks and even months). The casino forces to repeat the process of verification of the player to lose time.
  • The casino justifies the non-payment of legitimate winnings under other pretexts.