Tips on Checking out Sites for Sports Betting

Many sites were born and gained enormous profits after sports betting websites blossomed 10 years ago. But sadly, eatery sites also developed and joined the market.

A verification site is basically websites that eat up your money as bettors. The Korean slang word 먹튀 or translated as sucking or eating originated from this problem. These types of sites only take your money but do not fulfill their obligations. And most of the time does not provide the right service or price. Most of these sites are about 95% of the currency exchange scams. They change the site into something else and make another site to prepare to eat or 먹튀 again. Below are examples of how these eating sites deceive bettors.

Characteristics of An Eating Site

  • The site features advertising all over the place.
  • They do events which sound exaggerated from other sites.
  • The server is not secure.
  • Some publish articles to act as verified gambling sites and attract bettors.
  • There is a history of being an eating site, then somehow came up as a new site and different.
  • Uses ghost servers without original site address to easily close, rename, open up a new site and repeat eating again.
  • The open – site code is open and almost new.
  • No new membership approval system

As mentioned above, eating sites is rampant in sports betting websites. Thus, it is inevitable that such a malicious site could eat money from bettors. But here are some tips to avoid it if classifying the characteristics of an eating site is not enough.


Tips to Avoid Eating Sites

  1. Using Google Search

Searching the site name on Google will offer many results of the corresponding verification site. History results of that site could also be shown on the search. It would let you see exchanged conversations or forums on that certain site, either negatively or positively.

  1. Verify that the verification site is also a trusted verification site

Some verification sites also promote eating sites to make-believe.

  1. Look for the site’s solution provider.
  2. Check the bulletin board if there is a lot of activity and words are not repeated.

There are testing sites that offer results of websites that are verified or eater. Just trust websites that have made an investment in authentication and be careful if you ever get the sense that something might be off.