Frozen Cookie Dough (Kosher)
50% Profit and free Delivery with 512 tub Order!

Fundraising with Cookie Dough is easy and fun! Everything you need is provided.
Call our Toll Free 1-800-237-5172 to order supplies today. Delivery by Frozen Food
Truck. Low minimums for free shipping. 9 varieties + Cinnamon Rolls & Pretzels.

 Flavors / Sturdy Plastic 3# Tubs

Order in Full Cases of 8 or 6 tubs per case
 Chocolate Chunk ________# Tubs divide by 8=______cases
 Chocolate Candy-made w/M&M ________# Tub divide by 8= ______cases
 Honey Oatmeal Raisin ________# Tubs divide by 8=______cases
Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip ________# Tubs divide by 8=______cases
Peanut Butter ________# Tubs divide by 8=______cases
Sugar ________# Tubs divide by 8=______cases
Snickerdoodle ________#Tubs divide by 8=______cases
Triple Deluxe Chocolate ________# Tubs divide by 8=______cases
 Coconut Macaroon  _______# Tubs divide by 8=______cases
 Sugar Free Chocolate Chunk  _______ #Tubs divide by 8=______cases
 Colored Dough  ________#Tubs divide by 6=______cases
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut _________# Tubs divide by 8=______cases

  Total Tubs Ordered Tubs= ______________ =Total Cases Ordered________

 You Pay $6.00 per tub / Suggested selling price is $12.00../..see chart for final delivered cost

 Tub's Ordered

 Cost per Tub

 Shipping Cost

 Total Cost Per Tub including delivery

 160-199 Tubs


 $2.00 Per Tub


 200-256 Tubs

 $6.00 / Each

 $1.50 Per Tub


 264-304 Tubs

 $6.00 / Each

 $1.25 Per Tub


 312-504 Tubs

 $6.00 / Each

 $1.00 Per Tub


 512 Tubs and up

 $6.00 / Each



 Product Details

 This product is made to be thawed out and re-frozen again and again.

It is a product that 99.9% of the people you know will buy if you ask them to support your fundraising efforts. Fall and late spring are the best times because of holiday season baking and kids love cookies.

Shipped on a 'Frozen Food Truck! Payment must be received or Credit established before order is scheduled for delivery

To start your'Cookie Dough' fundraiser call or email Tri-Star Promotions

call 1-800-237-5172 or email [email protected]

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I will need______Cookie Dough brochures(figure 1 per person)

Allow 3 weeks for delivery of product after turning your order in to Tri-Star Promotions

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We need Delivery(date)_____

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Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Close your eyes and envision the warm smell of freshly baked cookies wafting out of the oven.  What does it make you think of?  Does that aroma bring you back to crisp fall days when you hurried home from school to find that your mother had just pulled a tray of cookies out of the oven?  Or does it evoke weekend trips to grandma’s house, where you knew she’d have baked your favorite cookies?  Or perhaps you remember school day bake sales when you clumsily helped your Mom bake dozens of chocolate chip cookies?  Either way, we’ll bet you’re smiling right now. 

There’s something so homey and nostalgic about cookies fresh from the oven.  Whether you’re 6 or 66, cookies are a little bit of heaven for so many of us, even if the closest you’ve gotten to baking cookies lately is indulging in a pint chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! 


In today’s busy world, who has time to bake cookies from scratch?  That’s the appeal of our cookie dough fundraiser idea.  We’ve done almost all the work.  All you have to do is scoop out the frozen cookie dough, drop it on a cookie sheet and presto!  A few minutes later, you’ve got perfect, warm, ooey gooey cookies. Whether it’s chocolate chip cookie dough or another one of our delicious varieties, you’ll be enjoying tasty cookies within minutes – and everything you need comes in a tub!

Giving to a good cause always makes people feel good, and so does a plate of fresh cookies.  That’s what makes our frozen cookie dough the idea fundraiser idea. 

Is your PTA in need of a new fundraiser idea?  Does your child’s school need to raise money to a school trip?  Need a creative addition to a fundraiser bake sale?  Our frozen cookie dough fundraiser idea is the perfect solution! 

Our frozen cookie dough fundraiser opportunity offers the chance for your organization to make 50% profit with your minimum order (we’ll even ship for free on orders that meet our low minimum order).

Fundraising with cookie dough is easy!  Everything is included! We offer nine frozen cookie dough varieties, plus cinnamon rolls and pretzels, all in three-pound tubs.  Sold in cases of 8 tubs each.

You pay $6 per tub.  Suggested selling price is $12.

Frozen cookie dough:  What a delicious way to raise money!


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