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WOW! A great Fundraiser for these difficult times. Low retail @ $5.00

50% Profit ../..Free Shipping../..Free Brochures

FREE 19 item brochure/All items retail @ $5.00

FREE Shipping by UPS...No order too small!

Individual Student pack is available at 5% of retail cost

A delicious way to make money for a project!
All American Chocolate and Cheese. Nothing is imported!

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We are now scheduling for next year!

All Items listed retail for $5.00 (you keep half)


# P 010 Sweet Berry Mix 6oz.. Foil Bag

Dried Raisins, Bananas, Cranberries & Walnuts

# P 060 Walnut Fudge Clusters 5oz Foil Bag

Walnut & Fudge Truffle center drenched in milk chocolate

#P 090 Caramel Friends 4oz Foil Bag

.Milk Chocolate Bunnies, Chicks & Ducks with vanilla caramel center

#P 190 Rainforest Cashew Halves 5oz Foil Bag

Roasted and Lightly Salted

# P 210Chocolate Pretzels 6oz Foil Bag

Salty Little Pretzels/Dipped in Milk Chocolate

 # P 220 Old Time Caramels 7oz. Foil Bag

Soft Chewy Caramels with sweet vanilla centers

# P 250 Jelly Chicks & Rabbits 11oz Foil Bag

Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape, Cherry Gum Drops

# P 270 Sour Neon Worms 7oz Foil Bag

Chewy Stretchy mini worms in sour flavors


# P 300 Robin Eggs 5.5oz Foil Bag

Crunchy malted milk eggs in pastel colors

# P 380 Gummy Bunnies 7oz Foil Bag

made with fruit juice in lemon,berry,grape, lime, pineapple

# P 430 Chocolate Raisins 6oz Foil Bag

Plump sweet raising covered in milk chocolate

# P 450 Jelly Beans 11oz Foil Bag

Mouth watering fruit flavors

# P 500 Milk Chocolate Bunny 4.5oz ...

Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny packaged in a gift box

 # P 780 Pecan Jamborees 4.5oz Foil Bag

Pecans & chewy vanilla caramel, coated with milk chocolate

 # P 849 Jalapeno Snack Spread 8oz Plastic Tub

Great with Chips Served Cold or Warm

 # P 850 Beef Summer Sausage 5oz Stick

Beef Summer Sausage/Black Casing

 # P 887 Sharp Cheddar Party Spread..8oz Tub

Our most Popular/Buttery & Mellow Spread

# P 980 Peanut Caramel Clusters 4.5 oz Foil Bag

Crunchy peanuts drenched in chewy caramel & covered with Milk Chocolate

# P 990Frosted Mini Cookies ..6 oz Foil Bag

Milk Chocolate sandwich cookie frosted w/sweet confection

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call 1-800-237-5172 or email [email protected]

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Who doesn’t love chocolate, especially at Easter time?  That ubiquitous sweet treat is a mainstay at every school spring bake sale, every Easter basket, and every holiday candy dish.  We’ve got the perfect spring fundraiser opportunity for all your fundraising needs!

We have several varieties of Easter bunnies and other Easter confections that are sure to please!  Choose from:

And many more!

We have a variety of other holiday candy fundraiser items for you to choose from.  These items make easily saleable holiday fundraiser items, especially during the springtime leading up to the Easter holiday.

Our Easter confections make tasty treats for any school, dance troupe, Scouts or school fundraising idea.  By selling our candy for your Easter fundraising initiatives, you’ll retain a profit of 50%!  There is no minimum order, so small fundraiser groups are more than welcome to take advantage of this yummy opportunity!

Don’t let Christmas have all the fun!  So often, fundraisers take place around the Christmas holiday season, when all manner of Santa Claus-, reindeer-, and snowman-themed candies are everywhere.  Make your fundraiser stand out by having it in the spring, with our Easter-themed confections.  These items are easy to sell, so why should December get all the attention?

Call 1-800-237-5172 today to get a brochure!  Soon after, we’ll deliver your order free of charge – your organization gets the full benefit of the profit without having to shell out for pesky delivery fees.  After all, the point is to raise money, right?



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