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Wow! What a cheap fundraiser! $5.00 Retail

Free 23 item brochure/Shipping Free by UPS

50% Profit../..Free Delivery../..Free Brochures

Call 1-800-237-5172 to schedule a fundraiser!

 Product Picture ../.. all items retail for $5.00 (you keep half)

# P 010 

Sweet Berry Mix 6oz

Dried banana Chips, Raisins & Cranberries

# P 060 

Walnut Fudge Clusters 4.5 oz Foil Bag

# P 150 

Gourmet Caramel Corn 6oz Foil Bag

# P 160 

Deluxe Mixed Nuts 5oz Foil Bag

# P 170 

Cajun Beef Summer Sausage 5oz Stick

# P 190 

Rainforest Cashew Halves 5oz Foil Bag

# P 200

Red Raspberry Gummies 6oz Foil Bag

# P 210 

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels 6oz Foil Bag

# P 220 

Old-Time Caramels 7oz Foil Bag

# P 240 

Fruit Jelly Slices 13oz Foil Bag

# P 270

Sour Neon Worms 7oz Foil Bag


# P 360 

NonPareils 6oz Foil Bag

# P 370 

Malted Milk Balls 6oz Foil Bag

# P 430 

Chocolate Raisins 6oz Foil Bag

# P 540 

Chocolate Peanuts 6oz Foil Bag


# P 780 

Pecan Jamborees 4.5oz Foil Bag


# P 849 

Jalapeno Snack Spread 8oz Plastic Tub

# P 850 

Beef Summer Sausage 5oz Stick


# P 854 

Smokey Bacon Snack Spread 8oz Plastic Tub

# P 887 

Sharp Cheddar Snack Spread 8oz Plastic Tub

# P 930 

Gummy Bears 7oz Foil Bag

# P 980 

Peanut Caramel Clusters 4.5oz Foil Bag

# P 990 

Frosted Mini Cookies 6oz Foil Bag

'Snack Favorites' brochure features 23 different items that retail at $5.00 each.

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Tri-Star Promotions....PO Box 1377....Indiana, PA 15701

Call: 1-800-237-5172

Fax: 1-724-463-0279

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