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Plant in Spring and enjoy Blooms all summer!

This is the easiest Fundraiser you will ever do! Sell for $6.00

50% Profit($3.00/per package) and Free Delivery(By Fedex)

Call 1-800-237-5172 to get free brochures

Tri-Star Promotions Inc began selling Flower Bulbs in 1993.

We have been around long enough to know what works. We sell with a 'free replacment' no questions asked guarantee.

Your group can make hundreds and thousands with minimal effort. Call Today! See our current selection below.


 A-Two Tone Hanging Begonia Garden

Kit 18" Tall / Includes Basket, Hanger, Bulb, Soil

Bloom Summer to Fall


  B-Hanging Strawberry Garden

Kit.. / Blooms Spring/Summer 10" tall ..Includes Basket, Hanger, 3 plants, Soil


C--Fancy Leaf Caladium

3 Bulbs 10"-12" Tall/needs warmth to start growing

Aug-Sept Bloom


 D-Lucky Shamrocks

20 bulbs/

8-10" tall

June-October Bloom


E-Spectacular Gladiolus

4' to 5' tall..

Mult-colored assortment

14 bulbs



Late Summer Bloom

1 plant

18" to 32" Bush


 G-New Tiger Lilies

3 Bulbs..

July/Sept Bloom. 15-20 Flowers per stem

3" to 4' Tall


H-Everbearing Strawberry Plants

10 plants / 10" Tall

Bloom spring/summer


 I-Stargazer Lilies

2 Bulbs..

July-Sept Bloom

25" to 30" tall


 J-Blazing Stars

12 bulbs

4' - 5' tall

Aug - Sept Bloom


 K-Anemone De Caen

15 bulbs

8"-12" tall / Ideal for Pots/Borders

May June Bloom


 L-Elf Lilies

3 Bulbs

16" Tall

July Sept Bloom


 M-Mini Amaryllis

18 Bulbs

6" to 8" Tall

Ideal for Pots/Planters

Bloom all summer


 N-Peacock Orchids

18 Bulbs

24"-36" Tall / White 4" Flowers w/ Purple Centers

July-Oct Bloom


O-Bleeding Heart

1 Plant

2'-3' Tall Shrub

May June Bloom


 O-Camelia Begonia

3 Bulbs

6"-8" Tall

Bloom Summer into Fall


Q--Daylilly Stella D'Oro

1 Plant

18" Tall

Bloom all Summer long



R-Persian Buttercups


12" -15" Tall

Bloom May thru July



Flower bulbs, direct from Holland. Bulbs bloom in summer with a 100% bloom guarantee.

Color brochure has 18 items to choose from. Shipped according to the climate in your state. Request FREE Brochures to arrive after February 1

Finally a 'Fundraiser' that is easy to sell that has wide appeal!

You can request that your order be delivered anytime starting March 15 thru June 1.

50% Profit..FREE Shipping..FREE Brochures All Packages of Bulbs sell for $6.00/each

CALL: 1-800-237-5172 to Place Order for brochures

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Checks7

 We accept all major credit cards , checks as payment. If you are a school we accept purchase orders. Prepay your order and receive an additional 2% discount. Call 1-800-237-5172 today!

Call Today: We Can Arrange Your Spring Bulb Fund Raiser.

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I will need_______Spring brochures( figure 1 per person)

Allow 3 weeks for delivery of product after turning your order in to Tri-Star Promotions

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Call to Order: 1-800-237-5172
Fax: 1-724-463-0279

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Everyone loves flowers.  So why not incorporate that love into your next fundraising effort?  Selling flower bulbs can be a very successful way to earn the money your cause needs.

Think about it:  When you visit someone in a hospital, what do you bring?  Flowers.  When a friend needs cheering up, what do you give them?  Flowers.  Anniversaries, birthdays, romantic overtures – all of these are classically marked by gifts of flowers, and there’s a reason for that.  Flowers are a sign of beauty, of renewal, and of new life.  And just as importantly, flowers add a touch of beauty to anyone’s day. 

Flowers are the perfect way to raise funds for your organization or team, for a special cause or event.  Selling flower bulbs can be one of the most rewarding – and profitable! – fundraiser ideas.  Whether you choose Spring flower bulbs or Fall flower bulbs, we have a variety of choices to suit your needs. 

Our Spring flower bulbs are imported to us, allowing us to offer a kaleidoscope of choices for your fundraiser.  These are the perfect choice if your fundraiser runs in the latter part of the year; the bulbs are planted in the spring.  Later in the spring or in the summer you’ll have a beautiful garden of blooms.

Flowers are the fundraiser idea that keeps giving.  Long after customers have received your blooms they’ll have a stunning garden to remind you of your good deed.  If your cause relates to an illness, chances are many people will have been touched in some way by the cause.  What a beautiful way to honor the memory of someone who has passed!  Every time your customers look at the beautiful garden they planted from your bulbs, they’ll think of their lost loved one.  How can that be a bad thing?

Our Spring brochure offers 18 different items to choose from, all offering 50% profits, free delivery and free brochures.  These flower bulbs are very easy to sell our discount flower bulbs and wholesale flower bulbs are an affordable fundraiser idea.  All items sell for a very reasonable $6

Call us at 1-800-237-5172 to inquire about our flower bulb fundraiser ideas.  We’re confident we have something to suit your fundraising needs. 




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