Wisconsin Cheese & Sausage

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10 items in this brochure !!

 Product Picture

 Description of items

Retail Price

p# P 070

Cajun Beef Summer Sausage 12 oz Stickun B# P# P 070


 # P 100

Beef Sticks 9 oz pack


# P 410

 Beef Summer Sausage...

neat cracker size slices features black casing..12oz


# P 440

Wisconsin Quartet Gift Box...

Traditional and spicy cheese and sausage..20oz


# P 860

Jalapeno Party Spread..12oz

Cheddar spiced w/Jalapino and Bell Peppers..serve warm or cold.


# P 870 

Sharp Cheddar Party Spread.12oz

Buttery smooth and mellow golden cheddar spread


# P 820

Smokey Bacon Snack Spread..

Golden cheddar accented w/ Hickory smoke bacon flavor..12oz


# P 800 

Horseradish Party Spread...

White cheddar spread with touch of horseradish..12oz


 # P 840

Garlic & Herb Party Spread..12oz

Garlic, Parsley, Oregano & Chives


 # P 900

Wisconsin Trio 'Gift Box'...

3 varieties gift boxed Sharp Cheddar, Jalapeno & Garden Herb spread.15oz


Remember you make 50% Profit and free delivery

All products are Made in the USA! Nothing is imported.

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For many of us, the holiday season is about indulgence, decadence, and excess.  And most of the time, that includes food.  Why not use that to you advantage? Whether you’re looking to generate cheer and make money using one of our winter holiday fundraisers, or have a play at Peter Cottontail with our chocolate Easter bunny during a spring fundraiser, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

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